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Join attorney, wealth manager, and well-known author David Mandell, JD, MBA for Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician, a podcast dedicated to improving a physician’s financial bottom line. The podcast focuses on the wealth planning concerns faced by today’s doctor, with the goal of helping physicians make better financial decisions.

David talks with doctors from every specialty and stage of career about their real-world lessons in financial matters, and interviews industry experts in all areas of wealth management. Look for new episodes every other Thursday. Subscribe and listen today!


Sep 7, 2023

Join host David Mandell as he revisits and highlights 7 episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 of The Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician podcast. “I think that all of the episodes are great and provide value for our listeners,” says David, “but I selected a few that offer intriguing ideas and a unique perspective for physicians in 2023.” 

Insights a Few Years Beyond a Private Equity Transaction with Dr. Steve Hamilton and CEO Andy Blankemeyer

Originally released March 3, 2022

For the seventh and final installment of the 2023 Summer Rewind Series, David looks back to Episode 2.15, where he chats with orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Steve Hamilton and practice CEO Andy Blankemeyer.

Steve and Andy share lessons learned from a private equity investment into their practice from the unique viewpoint of more than two years after the transaction. They cover the evaluation process used to select the right PE firm, ways they overcame objections from some of the practice physicians, and steps they are taking to handle rapid growth and other post-transaction challenges.

David selected this episode because of the current industry trend toward M&A deals and private equity investment in medical practices. Physicians of all specialties, along with their practice executives, can gain valuable insights from the advice and perspectives shared by Dr. Hamilton and Andy Blankemeyer.

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