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Join attorney, wealth manager, and well-known author David Mandell, JD, MBA for Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician, a podcast dedicated to improving a physician’s financial bottom line. The podcast focuses on the wealth planning concerns faced by today’s doctor, with the goal of helping physicians make better financial decisions.

David talks with doctors from every specialty and stage of career about their real-world lessons in financial matters, and interviews industry experts in all areas of wealth management. Look for new episodes every other Thursday. Subscribe and listen today!


Apr 14, 2022

This episode focuses the timely topic of taxes, as it is released on April 14. OJM Group partner and CPA Carole Foos joins David to talk taxes.

David starts by turning the mic over to Carole for an overview of the latest developments in tax proposals from the Biden Administration, which recently released its 2023 budget proposal. Carole covers the latest on C corporations, S corporations SALT limitations, capital gains and income tax rates.

David then examines one element of the Biden proposal – the “Billionaire’s tax” – and explains how the super-wealthy use one tax strategy to avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets.  He shares a few examples and quotes from articles, and then explains the strategy: Buy, Borrow, Die.

David then outlines four ways physicians can use “Buy Borrow Die” in their own planning, including ways he has implemented the strategy for himself.

Carole and David then conclude by encouraging all listeners to focus on their 2022 tax planning early in the calendar year.

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